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Just a quick update on a design contest where I'm currently in the "finals". Go check it out at!/pages/Piec… and vote by liking the contest nominee. If you want to support mine is #2 Tupa / The lodge.

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It's Independence Day in Finland and the first "snows" have reached the ground and turned into gray water. School has been quite laid back the whole Fall, but that's given me a lot of time for my other pursuits, such as band activities. We just released our debut album with Clockwork Spirit, check our website out at With our other band Hanging Garden we just started the recordings for our third album, so I've been very busy on the music front for a while now.
I've also had some time to make stuff at the workshop. The biggest workshop course this Fall was about enameling, which was really cool. We also had a guest lecturer, Gina Westergard, from the University of Kansas. We also had Christmas market at our school which went ok for my part. Could've sold more, but then again I didn't end up with empty pockets either.
Now it's still a couple of weeks until Christmas break and a trip to New York for the holidays.

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It's been almost a year since my last journal entry, wow. The time just flies by and so on I guess. Been making some crafts during the summer since I didn't continue in my usual summer job place. It's been really nice and therapeutic tending the garden and doing stuff in my workshop. Just as I've started to become accustomed to living mostly in the countryside it's back to school. Well in a couple of weeks at least. So there's some time to get ready.

Lot's of changes have happened within the year: really big sad ones and some nice ones as well. Tomorrow it's farewell to my girlfriend for the school year, since she's leaving for the US for a year long exchange program. It's going to be a really hard day tomorrow, but I bet it's not as half as tough for my as it is for her. At least this gives me a good reason to make a couple of extra trips to the US :)

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Yai! The Winter is creeping up in Finland and I'm stressed, but quite happy and motivated at the moment. First of all I started studying in a new school in Lahti Institute of Design, Jewellery Design programme. It's been really great so far and I feel quite privileged to have the opportunity of studying there. Our class is nice and eclectic and most of the teacher's are really inspiring or at least helpful. The workshops are really good and we are encouraged to use them as much as we have time, even for our private projects, which is really cool.
Thus far the most interesting subject has been "visual design" where we've mostly been making and studying art in different forms. The teacher is great and the assignments are demanding yet motivational. Then there's going to be a Christmas Bazaar at the school in a couple of weeks where I'm meaning to be selling some crafts...if I get enough done by then :P

Another great thing is that a new smithy at my parent's "summer place" (they spend there most of the year nowadays) has been finished and I've recently brought (and bought) some essential tools for blacksmithing. Here's some pictures from the place…

Well, I'm off to work.

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Man is it hot! Actually it's been scorching the whole summer so far. I know I shouldn't complain, but come on! I think it's been the hottest Summer in Finland in 75 years or something. Slowly it's started to eat away my work stamina so I haven't been making any new updates for awhile. I got around to put a few new pieces in DA, but it's going to take a while for the next update. Still over a month of Summer "vacation" (I'm working the whole Summer) left before my new school in Lahti begins, which I'm waiting for with some enthusiasm.
Today I'm off to Ropecon (Finland's biggest RPG, LARP, what-have-you convention) for a weekend of staying up late and drinking too many caffeinated drinks. And next week it's time for Saltvik viking market, which I'm completely trying dedicate to chilling out in the sun with friends.

Lots of Sun to everyone at DA!

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As some of you might have guessed from the title I just graduated my school and became a metal artesan. So with 2,5 years of metalwork studies behind me do I feel more skilled? Yes. Do I feel more confident? Definately. Do I feel satisfied? Well, my thesis work could've gone better, but I guess somewhat.
Now I have time until September to do what I please before my studies at Lahti Institute of Design begin and I'm taking the most of my free time by leaving on a road trip to the US after a couple of weeks with two friends of mine. So any of you Deviants living on the West Coast along the route from San Diego to Seattle or around New York, drop me a note.
New updates later in the Spring.

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It's been awhile since my last update to DA. Haven't really had so much time to do new stuff during the summer, but now we just finished our first period in school for this semester and I'm back with some delicious products on the metal work department. Go check it out.

I've also made my own website at
Unfortunately it's only in Finnish at the moment, but there'll be an English and Swedish version coming up soon.

In other news Fall is going by really quickly here in Finland and the most beautiful time of Autumn is soon ending and the wet and dark months are taking over. I hope there's still a bit of "ruska" left next week so I can lick the forest with my camera before it's over. Enjoy the Fall everybody, never does nature present itself in such color at other times!

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I'm so exhilarated. I was accepted to Lahti Institute of Design in object design studies. Which is nice. I first have to finish my artesan studies in Vihti, but I'll be starting my studies in Lahti in 2010 Fall. I'm so excited!

In other news I've been making some stuff for sale at the viking market in Saltvik, which is going to be held next week. I made some updates on the stuff I've been doing and soon I'm off to Grunwald medieval festival in Poland. Enjoy the rest of the summer months everybody!

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Hello, just making a quick update before heading off to spend the Midsummer holidays to my folks' summer place. I'll be updating on the product front propably next week since I'm doing quite a lot of stuff for sale for the Saltvik viking market in Ahvenanmaa in July. But the biggest news for me now is that I've just registered my own business, Rautakorento (it means something like Iron Dragonfly, but it sounds much better in Finnish ;)). It's a really light form of business and basically just a registered name and not really a company so there isn't so many responsibilities as you'd have with an actual company. But I'm really excited with the whole thing and hopefully I'll have a website up and running during July.

Best Midsummer wishes to all!

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Summer is here! I've been enjoying the first warm weeks to the fullest and with all of the biggest stress sources gone it's all the more enjoyable. The only thing that's been bothering really is a moth invasion we've had in our appartment and it has virtually forced us, in addition to cleaning the place with special care, to wash every textile we have in the house. So that project is still going on for a while, but otherwise I'm so exhilarated about Summer.

Last week I took part in the 4-day-long exams to apply for Lahden Muotoiluinstituutti's (Institute of Design in Lahti) Jewellery and Object Design. Though the competition is fierce and the people around you are your worst competitors, the atmosphere managed to be really friendly and laid-back and I had a great time the whole time I spent in Lahti. Won't know the results until July, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
School is of course OUT and I'm back in Glims Homestead Museum in Espoo working as a guide. Yesterday was the first day of work this year and it couldn't have started better: forging the whole day outside in excellent weather :D
Now that it's summer I won't be making a lot of artisan crafts, at least with metal, since I cannot use the shop in our school, but I'm keeping myself very busy with big projects involving my plans to actually earn some money with handicrafts. I'll propably be starting my own business shortly and seeing how that starts going, I'll possibly be working on the side of school from now on.

But now I'm off to make a tent.

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I have now returned from my 2,5 month long job practice period in Swaziland, Africa. I don't really know where to begin telling about the experience, but needless to say it was an amazing trip. Most of the time I was working in a silver and gold jewellery factory called African Fantasy Jewellers with a friend from the same class in Finland, but we also got to do some trips around Swaziland and South Africa on weekends and at the end of our stay in Southern Africa. I learned a great deal about making jewellery and the experiences among the local culture and people were great. This was the first time I've been in a foreign country for more than a week or two and I really got to experience the country in such a different way than ever before anywhere else as a tourist.
Now I've been trying to get everything up to date back home and I'm slowly getting used to the stressful hassle of Finland.
I'll add some pics from the trip as well as some crafts projects I've been doing since my return. Sadly I can't publish any pictures of the work we did in the factory because of copyright issues and the firm doesn't have a website, so you'll just have to take my word for it ;)
If you can read Finnish my travelblog is in

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Just updated my gallery on the photography department with some pics from my trip to Paris. It was really nice, though surprisingly cold. I guess as a Finn I thought it wouldn't be that freezing, but the coldness was somehow different there...more...inlandish ;)
This will be my last update in a while as I'm saying farewell to the northern Winter and heading towards the southern heat of Swaziland. My departure is on 19th of January and I will be staying in Swaziland until the 1st of April. As I've already propably told, I will be working in a Brittish-Finnish-owned jewellery workshop called the Guava Gallery in Swaziland. I'm quite eagerly waiting for the trip, but also somewhat stressed out with all the things that should be done before going. The biggest project being the recording of our band's… new promo, which is under way at a studio near Helsinki. So hopefully everything goes as planned and I don't get too many hallucinations from my anti-malaria medication.

Happy New Year to everyone and see you all in April! Sala kahle! (farewell in Swati)

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-Visit to the general doctor on a sunday for eye inspection 75,00€
-Antibacterial eyecream 6,63€
-Visit to the eye doctor 146,80€
-Antibacterial eye drops 13,60€

Total 242,03€ (311,66 USD)

That's what it costs to get small pieces of metal flown in your eye from an angle grinder. Thank god for insurance :P Just a reminder to all of you working with metal: protection gear has a purpose.

-Decent eye protection glasses ~10€ (13 USD)

Last friday I got a small piece of steel in my eye from the angle grinder of the person working next to me. I noticed it on saturday evening. Apart from a slight irritation no I didn't experience any other symptoms. Apparently the piece of metal had started to rust which causes a risk for infection and visual impairment. So don't hesitate to go to the doctor if you have some unidentified objects in your eye.

In other news the countdown for Christmas has begun and happily I'll be spending some of the holiday's up North where there will be at least some snow. The same can't be said for Southern Finland; global warming, thank you very much.

Soon after that I'll be spending 12 weeks in a much different climate. I'm going to Swaziland to do my job practice at a silver jewellery workshop. So from Janyary until April I'll be in the unrelenting heat of Southern Africa. Yeah!

Some projects still to do here in Finland and in school. I'll be updating on those as they progress. Happy Holidays!
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Wow, it's been a while since I've made some updates, but finally I found some time to upload a couple of new pieces. You'd think that things would quiet down a bit in the summer but NO. My weeks are just packed with stuff and it's becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything enough. It would be so nice to just drop somethings completely. I've got two active band projects… and on top of these I'm involved in a one-shot musical production and with all the weekends fully booked I should still find time to do crafts projects and spend time with friends and girlfriend. But I guess if I wouldn't have so much to do all the time, all the extra time would be spent on doing something really useless.
Last week was quite nice. I was at my old school in Loviisa where I held a week-long course in smithing for 12-16 year-olds. It was really educating for me as well and in the evenings I got to use the shop for some casting projects I had going.

For now I wish everyone a great beginning on the summer season and I'll try to update more regularly in the future.

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Oh yeah hit 2K hits a while ago :) I will try to update soon on some new belt buckles I've made + some other stuff. I am semi-crippled since I busted my left thumb today with a hammer, but that's life I guess :P
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A slight "kaamos"depression (there's basically no sunlight at day time up here in the North) has caught up with me and has left me quite uninspired to do any real work. And no wonder since it's just raining sleet and water outside and I'm just waiting anciously for subzero temperatures and HUGE amounts of snow. It's a good thing that we just finished our previous school course and soon it's Christmas holiday time so I'll have good time to recover before having to get to serious work again.
December is (at least) here in Finland a strange time of year and involves propably more drinking than any other time of the year, which is due to the traditional "Little Christmas"-parties that every workplace and organisation puts together. I've had my share already and one of them was a really cool party at our school last week. It left me hungover and really confused, but I guess that's what you get ;)
I added some pics from projects I've made this Fall so go and check them out. I propably wont be updating until 2008 so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Yuletide and whatever!

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Back from a weeks trip to the ever so green island of Ireland. It was great to back in Ireland after over two years, though a week is just so damn short time to spend abroad. It really pisses off to have to hurry when you're supposed to be spending good time in a place you love. Sigh.
Got some pitures uploaded from the trip as well, so check them out.

In other news: our band, Amarantine, has just finished it's new untiteled demo so if you're into metal (and even if you're not ;)) go and listen to it at

The Autumn is progressing quite quickyl and soon it'll be Christmas time. Gasp. Have to get some handicraft projects updated here as well. So much to do and so little time: the story of about everybody's life.

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The leaves have turned to shades of brown and red. Rain is constant. Days are darkening. Definite signs of Fall and I for one am welcoming it with open arms :)

I've begun at my new school in Vihti studying to become a metal artesan, which will take about 2,5 years. I've been enthusiastically learning lots of new stuff concerning metalwork and I've been realising just how much there still is to be learnt. We've been working with basic smithy, structures (plate, welding and such) and today we made our first silver and bronze casts. Nice! We also had our first oral feedback discussions about our first bigger project, which was a wall clock, and I can say that I'm really happy with the comments I got on my work. Hope to get some new pictures on some handicraft projects soon, but in the meanwhile I added some pics from different historical events from this Summer.

Enjoy the Fall everybody!

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Finally some updates. I got my first bigger comission work: a pair of felted mongol boots… for a friend. And as I had to part with them I decided to take some promos of other stuff I've lately been doing.
I've begun working as a museum guide in Glims, Espoo, as I've mentioned in my last entry. It has been so SUPER! The people I work with are great, the place is beautiful and on calm days I can also do handicrafts on the side. I love it there :D
I also got word from the school I applied to and I got in! Whay! So next fall I'll be starting my metal artesan studies. Cool!
I'll be leaving in a couple of days to Poland, to a big medieval festival: Grunwald. I was there last year with some people from our organisation and it was massive. Hope to have as much fun this year as I did last year.
Too bad summer is halfway to it's end and it really doesn't feel though it'd begun yet. Well, that's the way it's every year. Have to make a few trips and enjoy it while it lasts. Though I am anxiously waiting for school to start as there something wrong with me perhaps ;) Well, anyway that's all from me for now. Catch the few works I put in DA and a great summer to all!

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Finally, my first journal entry to DA starts to unravel as I punch the buttons on the keyboard in my schools computer room. The first journal entry usually serves as a introduction of the writer, but this time...there will be no exeption.

First of all, I would like to thank the people at DA for making everything happen and for their undubtedly countless efforts towards this magnificent community of artists and such. I've found myself spending countless hours a week just browsing through different works by different people and the amount just seems overwhelming. One of my works even got in the devious crafts of the week 31 by ArtisanCrafts :) Though there's so much great to be said about DA it isn't without it's flaws. I've found the interface to be quite clumsy and it's clearly missing some attributes, especially on the search engine.

And now on to me. The vital information about me, for example my favourite movies, can be read on the profile, but maybe I'll fill in on the more trivial ones in this journal entry.

I'm currently studying historical handicrafts at Kuggomskolan (Östra Nylands Folkhögskola) The course only lasts for one school year and is soon at an end :( I just have to say that this (school)year has been one of the big eye-opening experiences in my life. What started as a plan-B when I didn't get in to the university last year has turned into a lifestile I honestly want to pursue. Before I came to this school I really didn't have much idea about what I'm going to do with studying. University was kind of the usual suspect for me since a lot of my friends were pursuing an academic career and that's where I was winding up as well. It happened by chance that I applied for the historical handicraft-course in Kuggomskolan as couple of my friends were going there as well. Anyhow, studying here has been one of the best experiences in my life and I've gotten to know some really nice new people and gotten to know a bit better some old friends.

What then? I applied for a metal artisan vocational education at Länsi-Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus this spring and hopefully I'll get in. Seems like a great school though it will be a wholly different place than the one I've been spending this year. Have to start adjusting to "official" school-going :)

The summer I'll be spending as a musem guide in Glims "housemuseum" http/…
(I don't know if that's the correct English word for what it is in Finnish). I'm waiting anciously for the job to begin. I bet it'll be a lot of fun.  

What else? Maybe I won't bore people with my whole biography. But there's some parts of me that I would like to mention., if not my life, then at least a huge part of it. I listen to music a lot and I really can't imagine my life without. Metal music is propably the dominant genre if it has to be mentioned, but there are just a few musical styles that I usually don't find myself listening to: r'n'b, classical, schlager and reggae (don't let the hair fool you ;)). I play keyboards in a metal band called Raakku. Check it out at and

Historical re-enactment and larp are two other hobbies that have also been known to take much of my time since time immemorial. The re-enactment group I belong to is called Harmaasudet (Grey wolves)

Maybe I've been blabbering on enough for this night. Have to keep reporting here as my life develops since I boycott blogs and this is not a blog ;)

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